.NET .NET Framework ABAP ABC abort abstract data type abstraction ActiveX Ada advice AFC aggregate function Agile Unified Process Algae algorithm ALICE alpha version AND operator Android fragmentation ANNA - annotated Ada Ansible API - application program interface APL APM App Inventor AppleScript applet application domain argument arithmetic expression arity ASD Agent ASP.NET aspect-oriented programming aspect-oriented software development AspectC++ AspectJ aspects Aspecwerkz assembler assembly language assign ATL Atom atomic operation attribute attribute-based programming authoring tool autoresponder awk AWT - assemble, wire, and test Azure PowerShell backdoor access (computing) background backport backward chaining banana code bare-metal programming base address base class BASIC batch processing BeanShell benchmark beta test BHO - Browser Helper Object big-endian bigwig bind binder bit flip bitwise operator BizTalk Server BLOB bohrbug bomb Boolean expression Boolean logic Boolean operator boot boot loader boot sequence BPDU - bridge protocol data unit BPEL break-even point breakpoint brute force bubble sort bug build business Web transaction processing BXXP - Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol bytecode C C# C++ Cakewalk Application Language call canonical CASE - Computer Aided Software Engineering CCNA CCXML CDF - channel definition format Certified eBay Solutions Provider CFML chad Chapel - programming language character treatment choke packet cHTML CICS CIM citizen developer class class library clean boot clean install Client Application Services close CLR CLSID cmdlet COBOL - common business oriented language CODASYL code coding boot camp coff cold boot Common Language Infrastructure compile compiler component Component Object Model concatenate concatenation ConciseXML conditional constant Content Page ContentPlaceHolder control contiguous control CORBA core logic CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network crapplet cron cross-compiler custom attribute CVS - Concurrent Versions System cXML daemon Dart programming language data flow model data flow modeling data modeling data type Datalog DCL DCOM debug debugger declare decrement deep link default delimiter Delphi deploy deprecated derived class Dhrystone Direct Web Remoting (DWR) DiVA DLL Document Type Declaration document type definition (DTD) DOI DOM - Document Object Model dual boot dummy dump dynamic aspect-oriented programming dynamic data structure dynamic function loading dynamic shared object dynamic variable dynaset EAI - enterprise application integration Easter egg eBay Compatible Application ebXML ECML - Electronic Commerce Modeling Language EDA EFI Eiffel encapsulation engine ESB - Enterprise Service Bus event event handler exception exclusive OR execute execution environment (EE) Executive Support System expression Expression Builders Extreme Programming fail soft FAT - file allocation table fatal error fatal exception error FCL feed feed aggregator feed validator Fibonacci numbers filter Financial Information Exchange flag flow control fluid aspect-oriented programming FLWOR Flynns taxonomy fork FORTRAN - formula translator forward chaining fourth-generation language FreeTDS front end function function block function block adapter functional specification fuzzy logic GAE - Google App Engine garbage in, garbage out geek genetic programming glitch Global Assembly Cache GML gold version GRASP grep GTK+ GW-BASIC hack hacker hairball Hal/S hard coded hardwired hashing heap sort heisenbug heuristic programming high-level language high-performance computing HLF HLLAPI - High Level Language Application Program Interface hotfix HotJava HTML - HyperText Markup Language identifier IDL - Interface Definition Language iHTML in-circuit emulator inclusive OR operator increment Information and Content Exchange information hiding inheritance initialize instruction integrated development environment intelligent agent interface interpreter interprocess communication (IPC) invocation invoke iPhone SDK ISAPI ISO 9000 iteration J# J2EE - Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition jabber Java Java applet Java IDL JavaBeans JavaScript JavaSoft JavaSpaces JDBC - Java Database Connectivity JDK JIT JoyAop jQuery JScript JSON JVM - Java Virtual Machine JVoiceXML JXTA keyword KLOC kludge KQML Lambda Expression Last Known Good Configuration Leap Second Bug libpurple library LILO - Linux Loader line link link edit linked list linker LINQ LISP listing literal livelock LLF localization logic gate LOM - LAN on motherboard loop loopback test low-level language machine language macro mandelbug map mash-up mask Master Page MathML MAX function Media server control memory leak message digest message passing Message Passing Interface metadata method MexE - Mobile Station Application Execution Environment MFC microcode Microsoft Management Console MIDL MIDlet MIDP - Mobile Information Device Profile MIMD - multiple instruction, multiple data MISD - multiple instruction, single data mod Modula-2 module Mono MPICH2 MTS Multiple Document Interface multitasking MUMPS mutex - mutual exclusion object name namespace Nassi-Schneiderman diagram native code nesting NOR operator normalization not invented here syndrome NOT operator NS Basic object object code object oriented obliq OCX - OLE Control Extension OData - Open Data Protocol ODMA ODRL OFX OMG IDL Ontology Web Language for Services OOP – Object Oriented Programming opcode open source operand operator optimize OR operator ORB OTcl Outline Processor Markup Language overhead overloading OWL - Ontology Web Language paper prototype parameter parse parser partial classes partial methods Pascal patch pattern peek and poke Perl PHP PL/B PL/SQL PMML - Predictive Model Markup Language pointcuts pointer POJO polymorphism portlet power cycling power-on self test PowerBuilder Pre-compilation Tool precedence primitive program programmer programming language Prolog property proximity operator pseudocode Python QBASIC query language R programming language rapid application development RAT RDF - Resource Description Framework RDFPic RDI - Remote Debug Interface read recursion refactoring reflection regression testing REL relational operator remoting repository reserved word reverse engineering Rexx RLaB RMI roman routine RPC - remote procedure call RPG RSS RSS channel RSS description RSS link RSS Optional Channel Elements RSS title Ruby Ruby on Rails rule-based system runtime runtime error RUP - Rational Unified Process SAML sandbox SASL Sather SAX scalable SCAM schroedinbug scientific notation Scratch programming language script scripting language SDK - software development kit security manager selection semantics semaphore sentinel value sequence serialization SETL SGML - Standard Generalized Markup Language SIMD SIMSCRIPT simulation